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Servlet: XRefLoaderServlet



use services or generators in com.pageseeder.xref package

Returns all XRefs from the given URI.

Use the depth parameter to load XRefs from linked URIs as well.

Use the loadReverse parameter to load Reverse XRefs.

Use the ps-release and ps-releaseStatus parameters to load a specific version of the URI (and sub-URIS).

HTTP method: GET

Load the XRefs for the given URI.

HTTP parameters

uriURI ID (required if path is not specified)conditionalstring
pathURI path (required if uri is not specified)conditionalstring
hostURI host, used only when path is specified (optional, default is request's host)nostring
portURI port, used only when path is specified (optional, default is request's port)nostring
depthThe depth of xrefs recursion to use (optional)nostring1
loadReverseIf "true", the Reverse XRefs are loaded as well (optional)notrue|falsefalse
includeTypesA comma-separated list of types of xrefs to includes (optional, all xrefs are loaded if not specified)nostring
ps-releaseA release to load for the main document (optional, current release is loaded if not specified)nostring
pagethe page to loadnointeger1
pagesizethe number of results per pagenointeger200
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