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Servlet: DocumentBrowser


Deprecation warning!

use services or generators in com.pageseeder.uri package

Browse through the Document hierarchy of a group.

HTTP Method: GET

Optional parameters can be used to specify which folder to load (for each param, the entire tree up to this path is loaded).

One of path, fullpath, grouppath, uri, guri or grp is required

HTTP Parameters

grp Id of group to display (required if using parameter 'grouppath') %long conditional string
path The format is a complete URI path (e.g. /ps/acme/specs/folder/myfile.xml, optional) %string no string
fullpath The format is a path without the siteprefix and no starting '/' (e.g. acme/specs/folder/myfile.xml, optional). %string no string
grouppath The format is a path relative to the default uri of the group with no starting '/' (e.g. folder/myfile.xml, optional). %string no string
uri The uri id (optional). %long no string
guri The group uri id (optional). %long no string
childpath The path of a child URI to load if not included in the results no string
port The port to use when the path parameter is specified. optional, the template property documentPort is used if the request port is equals to the property apiPort, otherwise the request port is used. %int no string
astree if 'true', an entire tree up to the contents of the given uri requested is loaded, otherwise, only the contents of the given uri is returned (default is 'true'). no boolean true
foldersonly if 'true', URIs that are not folders are not returned no boolean false
publishconfig if 'true', the contents of the publish config file are included in the response no boolean false
page the page to load no integer 1
pagesize the number of results per page no integer 10


Does Nothing.

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