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Advanced topics

Servlet: MemberDataServlet



Stores and retrieves arbitrary personal member data and can be accessed through the following URL:


Where name can contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphen or underscore. It may have an optional alphanumeric extension after a dot which is ignored, for example public-picture.png .

Only the member themselves or an administrator can PUT, GET or DELETE content, however for names prefixed by public- GET can be used by anyone.

The media types that can be stored are image/jpeg, image/png, application/[ ... +]xml or application/[ ... +]json .

There is a limit of 16 data names per member and per name a size limit on png or jpeg of 10 MB and 100 KB for other data. Images are scaled down to a maximum width or height of 512 pixels.

HTTP Method: GET

Returns the specified member data.


Deletes the specified member data.

HTTP Method: PUT

Creates or replaces the specified member data.

HTTP Parameters

title A user friendly title for the data (e.g. Profile picture) no string
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