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Servlet: XLinksForURI



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been removed in version 5.9.

Displays all of the XLinks for a URI.

HTTP Method: GET

Handles http get requests to this servlet.

HTTP Parameters

uriURI id of the documentnolong
pathURI path of the document (required if uri not specified)noString
portURI port (if different from request)noport
schemeURI scheme (if different from request)noscheme
xlUnique ID for which identifying a XLinknolong
sortByField to sort XLinks by 'title', 'thread', 'author', 'date', 'seed' (has no effect when xformat=xml is used - optional)noenum
displayIf 'expand' or 'expand-search' also returns XLink contents (optional)noenum
archiveIf 'show' display archived comments (optional)noString
docEditsIf 'true' also return document edit XLinksnoboolean

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