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Servlet: Search



Handles searching of comments.

This item is obsolete!

This item is obsolete!

This Servlet is performing searches on the database directly instead of using the index, it has been deprecated in PageSeeder 4.8. It is now obsolete in PageSeeder 5.2+

Use Servlet: GenericSearch instead.

Both GET or POST methods can be used.

HTTP parameters

groupNamethe name of the group to search, if submit is not 'Search' can have multiple values; the search form will then allow selection between themyesstring
submit'Search' means perform search; otherwise display search form keywords keywords in comment title or contents (e.g. music+rock) Enclose exact phrases in double quotes (e.g. "special+conditions") nostring
allKeywords'no' match comments with any keywords ; otherwise match comments with all keywords (default)nostring
fromDaystart day of date range (1-31)noint
fromMonthstart month of date range (1-12)noint
fromYearstart year of date range (e.g. 2002)noint
toDayend day of date range (1-31)noint
toMonthend month of date range (1-12)noint
toYearend year of date range (e.g. 2002)noint
historythe number of days in the past for the search to include ('all' or unspecified means don't limit)noint
rolematch comment type (Any|Comment|Archive| File Attachment|Link|Document Change)nostringany
includeRolesincludes XLinks with these content roles (overrides role - may include '%' wild character) nostring
excludeRolesexcludes XLinks with these content roles (overrides role - may include '%' wild character)nostring
propertiesonly match XLinks with all these properties (can contain '%' wild character)nostring
archived'yes' match archived comments; otherwise don't (default) noyes|no no
sortBysort results by (date|author|title|document);  (only applies to HTML output)noenumdate
displaydisplay format (expand-search|collapse)noenumcollapse 
fragmentthe fragment param of the seed containing the comment status starting substring of XLink statusnostring
assignedToID of member XLink is assigned tonolong
xlinkidLessThanonly match ids less than thisnolong
maxXLinksthe maximum no. of XLinks that will be returnednoint

HTTP Method: GET

Handles http GET requests to this servlet.


Handles http POST requests to this servlet.

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