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Servlet: RegisterMember



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been removed in version 5.9.

Registers a new or existing member to a group.

HTTP Method: GET

Registers a new or existing member to a group.

HTTP Parameters

firstNamefirst name of membernostring
surnamesurname of membernostring
emailemail of membernoemail
mem_usernameusername of member (optional - if empty use email)nostring(empty string)
mem_passwordpassword of member (optional - if empty, new member and confirmMember 'Yes' password will be generated)nostring(empty string)
groupNamename of group to register tonostring
redirectURL to redirect to after registernourl(empty string)
listedif 'Yes' list email address in groupnoyes|noNo
notifynotification setting for group: Immediate|Daily|Nonenoenumdefault for group
detailsif 'Yes' add MemberForGroupDetailsnoyes|noNo
field1..15field for MemberForGroupDetailsnoString(empty string)
confirmMemberif 'No' don't send new member confirmation messagenoyes|noYes
confirmGroupif 'No' don't send group confirmation messagenoyes|noYes
loginif 'No' don't log the member innoyes|noYes

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