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Servlet: PublishControl



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been removed in version 5.9.

Handles Publishing user interface.

This servlet handles the connections with the Publish Engine and the display of Publish log files.

The connection to the Publish Engine is realized using the property publishEngineUrl from the configuration file Global Properties.

The log files are stored under the following location: /WEB-INF/logs/publisher.

HTTP Method: GET

Runs an action on the publishing framework.

HTTP Parameters

actionThe action to run on the publish interfaceyesenum
dateThe date of the log file to display (format is yyyy-MM-dd, required when action is 'showlog')maybedate
jobidThe id of the Publish job to cancel (required when action is 'canceljob')maybelong
nameThe name of the publish process (used when action is 'query', 'check', 'publish' or 'cancel')noStringPublish
uriThe id of the URI to publish (required when action is 'query', 'check', 'publish' or 'cancel')maybelong
groupThe id of the group where the URI is published (required when action is 'query', 'check', 'publish' or 'cancel')maybelong
typeThe name of the publish script (required when action is 'query', 'check', 'publish' or 'cancel')maybestring
scriptThe type of the publish script, the only value currently supported is 'ant' (required when action is 'query', 'check', 'publish' or 'cancel')maybestring
input-message-[nb]The message(s) of input parameter(s) for the publish script (used when action is 'publish')nostring
input-value-[nb]The value(s) of input parameter(s) for the publish script (used when action is 'publish')nostring
target-[nb]The name(s) of target(s) to run (at least one is required when action is 'publish')maybestring

Supported actions

The supported actions are:

  • query: load a publish script.
  • check: check the status of a publish job.
  • checkall: check the status of all the publish jobs currently running.
  • publish: launch a new publish job.
  • showlog: show a particular log file.
  • cancel: cancel a publish job.
  • canceljob: cancel a publish job.

PageSeeder Return Status

errorGroup ID missing
errorDocument Creation Not Allowed


Does the same as GET.

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