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Servlet: NewMemberFormDo



This item is obsolete!

This servlet is no longer available since version 5.9.

Depending on the situation, a similar functionality can be achieved using:

Add a new member to the server and to a group if specified. 


Creates a new member and adds user to the specified group.

The different values supported for the Role are Guest, Reviewer, Contributor, Manager, Approver, Moderator and Mod & App.

HTTP Parameters

firstNameFirst name of memberyesString
surnameSurname of memberyesstring
emailEmail of memberyesemail
emailConfirmMust be the same as emailyesemail
confirmIf 'Yes' send new member and subscription message to membernoyes|noNo
newPasswordPassword of membernostring
newPasswordConfirmMust be the same as passwordnostring
blankPasswordIf 'Yes' set blank passwordnoyes|noNo
newUsernameUsername of membernostring
dobDate of birth of member of member (dd/mm/yyyy)nostring
dobConfirmMust be the same as dobnostring
groupName of group to add tonostring
listedIf 'Yes' make member's email availablenoyes|noYes
roleRole of member in GroupnoenumReviewer

PageSeeder Return Status

missing-parameterSome Details Not Specified
missing-parameterEmail or Username Required
invalid-parameterEmail address confirmation is incorrect.
invalid-parameterDate of Birth confirmation is incorrect.
invalid-parameterEmail address invalid
invalid-parameterPassword confirmation is incorrect.
invalid-parameterUsername already in use.
invalid-parameterEmail address already in use.
errorNo more members allowed
errorModerator already exists
activation-requiredMember must activate their account
success-reloadMember added successfully
success-messageMember must confirm the invitation to the group

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