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Servlet: NewGroup



This item is obsolete!

This servlet is no longer available since version 5.9.

Use Service: /members/{member}/groups [POST] instead.

Handles adding a new group.

HTTP Method: GET

Returns information about the parent project so that it can be used to generate a form.

HTTP Parameters

folderGroupThe name of the parent projectyesstring

PageSeeder Return Status

invalid-parameterInvalid parent project


Create a new group.

HTTP Parameters

folderGroupName of parent project (max 30 chars e.g. myfolder)nostring
nameName of the new group (max 30 chars e.g. mygroup)nostring
descriptionTitle/description of group (max 250 chars)nostring
ownerOwner of group (max 250 chars)nostring
defaultSchemeScheme for document folder (e.g. http)yesscheme
defaultHostHost for document folder (e.g.
defaultPortPort for document folder (e.g. 80)yesport
defaultFolderPath for document folder (e.g. /ps/myfolder/mygroup/*)yespath
controlName of group this group is visible to (usually same as name)nostring
ownerDirectorystyle owner for custom templates (should be [folderGroup]-[name])nostring
addMemberAdd current member as manager of groupnoyes|noyes
generalCommentsCreate general discussion GroupURInoyes|ono

PageSeeder Return Status

missing-parameterSome Details Not Specified
invalid-parameterInvalid Character in Group Name
invalid-parameterGroup name invalid
invalid-parameterGroup name already in use
invalid-parameterStyle owner invalid
invalid-parameterGroup name too long
invalid-parameterDefault folder already in use
errorMaximum number of groups reached
success-reloadGroup Created

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