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Servlet: NewFolder



This item is obsolete!

This servlet is no longer available since version 5.9.

Use Service: /members/{member}/groups/{group}/folders [POST] instead.

Creates a new folder under the specified destination.

This can be used to return information about the destination.

If the parameter folderName is not specified, no folder is created and the output simply contains the destination's details

HTTP Parameters

folderTitleFolder Titlenostring
folderIDFolder IDnostring
folderName(Optional) If not specified a form is returnednostring
labelsLabels of the new foldernolabels
uriURI id (required if guri is not specified)maybelong
guriGroup URI id (required if guri is not specified)maybelong

PageSeeder Return Status

invalid-parameterFolder ID already in use
invalid-parameterFolder name already in use
success-reloadFolder created successfully

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