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Servlet: NewDocument



This item is obsolete!

This servlet is no longer available since version 5.9.

Use Service: /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris [POST] (obsolete) instead.

Load the information necessary to create a new document and create a document.

HTTP Method: GET

Load the information necessary to create a new document.

The output contains details about the following:

  • The destination (a URI or a ).
  • The groups available for that destination.
  • The different document types available.

HTTP Parameters

grpID of group for general discussionnolong
uriID of URI containing (optional - default is default Group URI for group)nolong
guriID of GroupURI containing (optional - default is default Group URI for group)nolong

PageSeeder Return Status

errorGroup ID missing
errorDocument Creation Not Allowed


Create a new document.

The output contains the details of the URI that was created along with any warning or error messages if anything went wrong.

HTTP Parameters

filenameThe name of the file to createyesstring
grpID of default groupyeslong
documentidThe document id of the URI to createnostring
templateThe template name used to create the new fileyesfilename
titleDocument titlenostring
groupsList of groups to add the upload comment to (multiple values)yesstring
contentLong descriptionnostring
broadcast'Yes' send notification; 'No' don't sendnoyes|no
broadcastAll'Yes' send notification to all (ignoring preferences); 'No' don't sendnoyes|no
uriID of URI where to create the file (if not a folder, the parent uri is used, required if folder and guri not specified)maybelong
guriID of Group URI where to create the file (required if folder and uri not specified)maybelong
folderName of subfolder of grp default folder where document is to be created (required if guri and uri not specified)maybefilename
numberIf 'true', prefix filename with '00x-' where 'x' is the next available number in the foldernoboolean
numberPrefixPrefix to add to documentnumbernostring
prefixTitleIf 'false' does not prefix uri.usertitle with numberPrefix and numbernobooleantrue
prefixAsDocidIf 'true' use prefix as the URI docid (overrides documentid)nobooleanfalse
labelsLabels of groupsnolabels
msgLabelsNotification labels for groupsnolabels
subjectSubject of the notificationnostring
messageContent of the notificationnostring

PageSeeder Return Status

errorSome Details Not Specified
errorFull stop not allowed in file or folder name
errorFile with this Document Id already exists
errorFile Could not be Created
errorFile already exists
success-reloadDocument Created

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