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Servlet: MemberGroupDetailsForm



Handles entering of a member's group details.

This Servlet returns the details about a member along with any details fields defined for the user on that group.

Form details fields can be defined in the group properties.


User can see their own details except for hidden details.

Managers of a group can see any registration details associated with the user.

XML returned

Here is the sample XML returned by this servlet.

  <wo-constant> ... </wo-constant>
    <description>This is a test group</description>
  <!-- Form Details are shown here --> 

HTTP method: GET

Displays the form to allow members to enter their details.

HTTP parameters

memThe member IDnolong
login-usernameThe username used to loginnostring
groupidThe group IDyeslong

The member can be specified using either the member ID (mem) or the username (login-username); the member ID takes precedence if both are specified.

If the login-username parameter is used, PageSeeder will verify that it matches the username of the member that is currently logged in.

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