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Servlet: InsertXLinkFormDo



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been removed in version 5.9.

Processes the comment form generated by InsertXLinkForm, adds the appropriate XLink and e-mails group members.

Processes POST or GET request for inserting a comment XLink.

HTTP Parameters

uriURI id of document to associate comment with (required if no reply/url)maybelong
urlURL of document to associate comment with (required if no reply/uri)maybeurl
locLocator fragment to associate comment with (required if uri)maybestring
replyXLink id of comment to reply to (required if no uri/url)maybelong
groupNameGroup for general discussion and to upload attachments to (required if no reply and no (uri/url or loc) or enctype="multipart/form-data")maybestring
roleRole for comment (e.g. 'Comment', 'File Attachment', 'pdf-text', etc.)yesstring
titleSubject of commentnostringNo Title
contentContent of commentnostring
contentTypeMIME type of contentnoStringtext/plain
usernameMember usernamenostring
passwordMember passwordnostring
fullNameFullname of author (required for public comments only)maybestring
emailEmail of author (public comments only)nostring
broadcast'Yes' send notification; 'No' don't sendnoyes|noNo
broadcastAll'Yes' send notification to all (ignoring preferences)noyes|noNo
broadcastApproversIf 'Yes' and status added or changed send notification to ApproversnoStringNo
groupsNames of groups to associate comment withyesstring
labelsGeneral labels for comment (e.g. Important, Typo)nostring
behaviorAlternative form behavior or formatnostring
propertiesPipe separated properties ending with , e.g. x=1|y=2|noString
statusComment status for task e.g. 'Open', 'Resolved', 'Closed'nostatusprevious thread status
priorityComment priority for task e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low'nopriorityprevious thread priority
assignToID of assigned member for tasknoStringprevious thread assigned member
duedateTask due date format is dd/mm/yyyynoStringprevious thread due date
attachmentUrlsURLs of documents to attach to this commentnourl
newAttachmentNameFilename of new attachment to be created, e.g. mydoc.xml (requires Template and Folder to be specified)nofilename
newAttachmentTemplateName of template to use for creating attachment, e.g. Task.xslnofilename
newAttachmentFolderName of group folder where attachment is to be creatednopath
newAttachmentNumberIf 'Yes' prefix attachment name by '00x-', where 'x' is the next available number in the foldernostring
newAttachmentPrefixPrefix to add to attachment number, e.g. 'T'noStringT00x
file-xfile to upload, where x is a number (only if enctype="multipart/form-data")nostring
userTitle-xuser title of file, where x is a number (only if enctype="multipart/form-data")noString
validateif 'no' don't validate XML files (only if enctype="multipart/form-data")noString
validate_optionif 'fail' then stop upload on validation error (only if enctype="multipart/form-data")noString
indexif 'no' don't index files (only if enctype="multipart/form-data")nostring

PageSeeder Return Status

not-foundNo General Discussion Page
errorFile already exists
errorComment could not be submitted/Comment could not be emailed
error/success-messageComment Inserted
success-moderatedComment Submitted to Moderator

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