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Servlet: InsertXLinkForm



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been removed in version 5.9.

Load details before inserting a new XLink (comment).

HTTP Method: GET

Load details before inserting a new XLink (comment).

To attach the comment to a document, use the 'uri' parameter, to add it to a group's general discussion, use the 'grp' parameter, to reply to an existing comment, use the 'reply' parameter. One of them is required.

HTTP Parameters

uriUri id of document to associate comment with (optional)nolong
locLocator fragment to associate comment withnostring
replyXLink id of comment to reply tonolong
grpGroup id for general discussionnolong
timestampTime when the doc was loaded (checked when submitting edit)nolong
titleDefault title for comment (optional)nostring
contentDefault content for comment (optional)nostring
roleDefault role for comment (optional)nostring
broadcastDefault broadcast setting - 'Yes' or 'No' (optional)noYes|No
behaviorAlternative form behavior or format (optional)nostring
contentTypeMIME type of content (optional)nostring
propertiesComma separated properties ending with , e.g. x=1,y=2| (optional)noString
statusDefault comment status for task (optional) e.g. 'Open', 'Resolved', 'Closed'nostring
priorityDefault comment priority for task (optional) e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low'nostring
assignToDefault id of member to assign comment to (optional)nolong
duedateDue date for comment (optional)nostring
sourcetitleAttachment document title (optional)nostring

PageSeeder Return Status

not-foundNo General Discussion Page
errorComment deleted


Same as GET method.

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