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Servlet: InsertEditXLink



This item is obsolete!

This servlet has been deprecated since version 5.8, and is no longer available from version 5.9.


Inserts XLinks for document edits.

Processes POST or GET request for inserting a comment XLink.

HTTP Parameters

uriUri id of document to associate edit withyeslong
locLocator fragment to associate edit withyesstring
roleRole for edit - can be 'Documentation', 'Documentation-Deleted', 'Documentation-Hidden'yesstring
contentContent of edityesstring
groupsNames of groups to associate comment withyesstring
titleSubject of editnostringDocument Change
timestampTime when existing content was loaded for editing (to check for collisions when submitting edit)nostring
replyTitleReply title for edit notesnostring
replyContentReply content for edit notes (if exists creates a note)nostring
replylabelsReply labels for the notes (if exists creates a note)nolabels
loadContentIf 'true' and content is null load the content using uri & locnoboolean
loadXLinkContentXLink Id to load content if loadContent is 'false' and content is null (used for revert)noboolean
labelsComma separated list of edit labelsnolabels
broadcastIf 'Yes' send edit note as notificationnoyes|noNo
broadcastAllIf 'Yes' send edit note as notification to all (ignoring preferences)noyes|noNo
broadcastApproversIf 'Yes' send edit note as notification to Approversnoyes|noNo
behaviorIf 'edit' or 'hide' add Documentation-Original XLink and redirect to InsertXLinkFormnostring
contentTypeMIME type of contentnomedia typetext/plain
contentXslName of XSL stylesheet in 'InsertXLink' template folder to apply to contentnopath
contentXmlXml content to be passed to XSL stylesheet as a parameternostring
contentTidyIf 'Yes' perform Tidy on content before applying XSL (must be 'Yes' if contentXsl set and content is not XML or XHTML)noyes|noNo
contentSchemaName of XSD schema in 'format-[x]/InsertXLink/Schema' template folder to apply to contentnopath
contentSchematronName of Schematron file in 'format-[x]/Document' template folder to apply to contentnopath
contentNamespaceThe URI namespace for the XSD schema if applicablenourl
contentXRefIf 'No' don't create XRefs from <xref> elementsnoyes|noYes
statusEdit statusnostatus
propertiesPipe separated name value pairs ending with pipe (used for content versions)nostring

PageSeeder Return Status

updated-contentUpdated Content
validation-errorInvalid Format
missing-parameterSome Details Not Specified
invalid-parameterEmail address invalid
access-deniedLogin required
missing-parameterName required
errorComment could not be submitted/Comment could not be emailed
success-reload/success-messageComment Inserted
success-moderatedComment Submitted to Moderator


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