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Servlet: EditXLinkFormDo



This servlet was designed to process comment forms generated by Servlet: EditXLinkForm

Processes the edit comment form generated by EditXLinkForm, and modifies the appropriate XLink.

HTTP method: GET

Processes requests for inserting a comment XLink.

WebTransaction Parameters:

Transaction name: EditXLink XLinkId Id of XLink to edit

HTTP Parameters (only non-null values are modified):

HTTP method: POST

Same as GET method.

HTTP parameters

xlId of XLink to edit (required if no WebTransaction)yeslong
authorEmailEmail of authornoemail
authorNameFull name of authornostring
roleRole for comment (e.g. 'Comment', 'Question', 'Answer', 'pdf-text', etc.)nostring
titleSubject of commentnostring
contentContent of commentnostring
replyContentIf not 'null' create a reply with this contentnostring
broadcast'Yes' send notification; otherwise don't sendnoyes|noNo
broadcastAll'Yes' send notification to all (ignoring preferences); otherwise don't sendnoyes|noNo
broadcastApproversIf 'Yes' and status added or changed send notification to Approvers; otherwise don't sendnoyes|noNo
groupsString[] of names of groups to associate comment withnostrings
statusComment status for task tracking e.g. 'Open', 'Resolved', 'Closed'nostatus
priorityComment priority for task tracking e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low'nopriority
assignToID of assigned member for task trackingnolong
duedateDue date for task tracking (format dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm)nostring
propertiesPipe separated properties ending with , e.g. x=1|y=2|nostring
labelsString[] of labels to set on the XLink (added to existing properties) if an empty string all labels are clearednolabels
editDocumentationif 'true', then Documentation XLinks can be editednobooleanfalse
content[id]the new content for the Content object with ID [id]nostring

PageSeeder return status

invalid-parameterEmail address invalid
errorComment could not be submitted/Comment could not be emailed
success-message/success-reloadComment Modified
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