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Servlet: EditURIProperties



Handles editing of URI properties.

This item is obsolete!

This servlet is now obsolete and has now been removed from PageSeeder.

Invoking this servlet will cause an HTTP error 404.

The same functionality can be achieved using:

HTTP Method: GET

Renames specified URI.

If filename not specified displays form for renaming.

HTTP Parameters

uriId of URI to renameyeslong
filenameNew filename excluding extension (optional).nofilename
userTitleNew user specified title or "" if no title (optional).nostring
documentidNew Document ID or "" if no Document ID (optional).nostring
assignToID of the member to assign to or "" to assign to nobody (optional).nolong
labelsList of labels to assign to the URI, if not specified, it will clear the existing labels.nolabels
descriptionA description to attach to this URI.nostring

PageSeeder Return Status

invalid-parameterFile with this Document Id already exists
invalid-parameterInvalid Document ID
success-messageDocument/Folder renamed successfully


Same as GET method.

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