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Servlet: EditMemberDetails



This item is obsolete!

This servlet is no longer available since version 5.9.

Use one of the following instead:

The email will be included automatically, but the admin flag and significant date will not be returned.

Handles changing of a member's details.

This servlet simply returns the member information along with some security sensitive fields such as the blank password flag, email address, date of birth (now significant date) and admin flag.

Password information

Deprecation warning!

Blank passwords are no longer supported in PageSeeder 5.1+

XML returned

If the user has the appropriate permissions, this servlet returns the following XML:

  <!-- wo-constants, wo-jsessionid -->
    <firstname>[first name]</firstname>

HTTP Method: GET

Handles HTTP GET requests to this servlet.

HTTP Parameters

usernameMember usernamenostring

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