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Servlet: EditGroups



Handles editing of groups.

HTTP method: GET

Returns the groups properties.

HTTP parameters

grpEditing Group IDnolong
groupEditing Group Namenostring
newDisplay 'Group Created' message if set to truenoboolean

HTTP method: POST

Updates the properties of the specified group.

Group settings

The Group Settings are specified directly as HTTP parameters.

Group properties

The Group Properties are specified as HTTP parameters, but they must start with "prop-" followed by the name of the group property.

For example, the parameter prop-priority=Critical,High,Medium,Low sets the group property "priority" to "Critical,High,Medium,Low".

To revert to the default value, the parameter must end with "-default" and be equal to "yes".

For example, the parameter prop-priority-default=yes reverts the group property "priority" to its default value.

HTTP parameters

idID of group to be editedyeslong
nameName of group (max 30 chars e.g. myfolder-mygroup)yesstring
descriptionTitle/description of group (max 250 chars)nostring
ownerOwner of group (max 250 chars)nostring
emailModeratedIf 'yes' all emailed comments will be moderated (if a moderator is set)noyes|no
allModeratedIf 'yes' moderate all commentsnoyes|no
addBy'Public', 'Reviewer', 'Contributor' the minimum member role required to add commentsnoenum
registerIf 'yes' registration is moderatednoyes|no
memberRole'Reviewer', 'Contributor' the default member rolenoenum
memberNotify'None', Immediate', 'Daily' the default member notificationnoenum
messageRegistration message (no char limit)nostring
urlURL for alternative group home pagenourl
abbreviationAbbreviated group name (max 15 chars)nostring
commonIf 'yes' this group is a common group (all posts are confirmed)noyes|no
accesslogIf 'yes' the access log for the group will be savednoyes|no
controlname of group this group is visible to (usually same as name) (administrators only)nostring
detailsFormname of template for collecting personal details (administrators only)nostring
ownerDirectoryfor custom templates (administrators only)nostring
cssif 'yes' owner directory must contain simple/standard CSS ( administrators only)noyes|no
formatfor custom templates. Deprecated: use a perspective or a separate project (administrators only)nostring
publicif 'yes' public can view comments/documents (administrators only)noyes|no
folderif 'yes' this group is a project (group folder) (administrators only)noyes|no
deleteif 'yes' this group will be deleted (administrators only)noyes|no
archivedif 'yes' the group archived flag will be set (administrators only)noyes|no
redirectused when delete or archive group, to redirect to another group (administrators only)nostring
prop-[name]A group property to add or modify ( administrators only)nostring
prop-[name]-defaultIf equal to "yes" indicates that the corresponding group property should revert to its default value (administrators only)nostring

PageSeeder return status

invalid-parameterGroup name invalid
invalid-parameterGroup name already in use
errorCan't add more projects
errorGroup folders must be deleted first
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