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Servlet: DeleteMember



Deletes member with specified id plus all associated objects and replaces any member references in XLinks with string values.

It performs the following operations:

  1. Remove group memberships
  2. Update the XLinks where the member is the author by its full name
  3. Remove references to the member where the member changed the status or modified an XLink
  4. Unassign XLink to the member
  5. Remove the personal group/project
  6. Remove any lock
  7. Delete the member

The database transaction is only committed at the end, so if an error occurs the database is not updated.

An HTTP 400 error is returned if the member ID is invalid or does not correspond to an existing member.

XML returned

If successful, it returns the following XML:

  <!-- wo-constants, etc... -->
  <title>Member Deleted</title>

HTTP method: POST

Actually deletes the Member.

HTTP parameters

memMember IDyeslong

PageSeeder return status

success-reloadMember Deleted
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