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This servlet accepts GET or HEAD requests for a file (document) stored on PageSeeder, checks access permission and fetches the file.

It must be accessed via one of the following URL paths:

  • /ps/uri/[ps-uriid][ext] (e.g. /ps/uri/123 or /ps/uri/123.gif)
  • /ps/docid/[ps-docid] (e.g. /ps/ext/myid123)
  • [ps-docPath] (e.g. /ps/acme/specs/mydoc.psml)

HTTP Parameters

NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
ps-uriidThe URI ID of the document (required if no ps-docPath or ps-docid and overrides them)maybelong[from path info]
ps-docidThe document ID of the document (required if no ps-docPath or ps-docid and overrides ps-docPath)maybestring[from path info]
ps-docPathThe path for the document (required if no ps-uriid or ps-docid)maybepath[from path info]
ps-groupThe group for the document edits (different groups can have different edits)nostring[the first user's group with access]
ps-versionidThe version ID of the document/metadata to returnnolong
ps-versionThe version of the document/metadata to return (overrides ps-versionid)nostring[current version]
ps-compareidThe version ID to compare the selected version withnolong
ps-compareThe version to compare the selected version with (overrides ps-comparid)nostring
ps-compare-diffxWhether to include diffx markup for comparison (if no ps-compare compare with current)nobooleanfalse
ps-transcludeWhether to transclude content for transclude XRefsnobooleanfalse
ps-reloadWhether to refresh the document cache contentsnobooleanfalse
psmlWhether to return PSML metadata for non-PSML filesnobooleanfalse
behaviorIf set to 'download' add filename attachment headers to trigger download by browser.nostring

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