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Servlet: AcceptFormDo




This Servlet was designed to process the form generated by the Servlet: AcceptForm Servlet.

Adds/modifies the appropriate XLinks and e-mails group members.


Processes POST request for accepting or moving a comment XLink.

HTTP Parameters

xlXLink id of comment being moved/acceptedyeslong
urinew URI id for comment (optional)nolong
locnew Locator fragment for comment (required if uri)nolong
replynew thread root XLink id for comment (optional)nolong
moveif 'true' then moving - not accepting (optional)noboolean
moveThreadif 'yes' also move any replies to new location (optional)noyes|no
acceptRoleRole for comment (e.g. 'Comment', 'Question', 'Answer', 'pdf-text', etc. - required)yesstring
acceptTitleSubject of comment (optional - default 'No Title')nostring
acceptContentxContent of comment, where x is the content id of the existing content (optional)nostring
replyRoleRole for reply (e.g. 'Comment', 'Question', 'Answer', 'pdf-text', etc. - default 'Comment')nostring
replyTitleSubject of reply (optional - default 'No Title')nostring
replyContentContent of reply, if it exists then a reply will be created (optional)nostring
acceptNameFullname of authornostring
acceptEmailEmail of authornoemail
broadcast'Yes' send notification; 'No' don't send (optional - default 'No')noyes|no
broadcastAll'Yes' send notification to all (ignoring preferences - optional - default 'No');noyes|no
groupsNames of groups to associate comment with (required)nostring
labelsGeneral labels for comment (e.g. Important, Typo) (optional)nolabels
statusComment status for issue tracking (optional) e.g. 'Open', 'Resolved', 'Closed'nostatus
priorityComment priority for issue tracking (optional) e.g. 'High', 'Medium', 'Low'nopriority
assignToID of assigned member for issue tracking (optional)nolong
duedateComment due date format is dd/mm/yyyy (optional)nostring

PageSeeder Return Status

invalid-parameterEmail address invalid
missing-parameterSome Details Not Specified
errorComment Already Accepted
errorComment could not be submitted/Comment could not be emailed
success-messageComment Inserted
success-reloadComment Inserted

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