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Starting from PageSeeder 5, the core functionality of PageSeeder is exposed through generators which can be bound to services or layout components.

PageSeeder generators are similar to small specialized servlets designed to generate XML or JSON but executing more atomic functions.

PageSeeder generators are used by:

  • The Layout manager to generate the user interface, or more precisely, to generate part of the content of a UI component;
  • PageSeeder Services.

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Each generator will document clearly in whether it is supported and the level of support.

Not SupportedThe generator MUST NOT BE USED and will probably fail.
ExperimentalThe generator may work, but has not been tested, or its API may change in future releases, its use is NOT RECOMMENDED.
SupportedThe generator has a stable API and has been successfully tested.
DeprecatedThe generator has been scheduled to be removed from the API in subsequent releases of PageSeeder and marked as obsolete. PageSeeder will generally provide a replacement.
ObsoleteThe Servlet is no longer functional and MUST NOT BE USED.

Error codes

The generic error codes below may be thrown by any generator:

CodeCause / Description
0x0000Unspecified/unexpected error
0x0101Failed the permission check
0x0102Unable to find the requested service
0x0103Unable to tunnel the request through the specified HTTP method
0x0104Unable to provide acceptable content type
0x0600Unable to find generator class
0x0601Unable to instantiate the generator
0x0602Unable to initialize the generator (init() method failed)
0x0800Runtime exception thrown by the generator
0x0801Exception thrown by the generator on purpose
0x0802Database exception thrown by the generator

The error codes below correspond to a failure to meet one of the requirements for the generator:

CodeCause / Description
0x201A required parameter is missing

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