Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.92

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder v5.92.

Publish configurations page

Publish configurations page on the Publisher. It is accessible to project managers via a link on the Document config page when in Developer perspective.


This page allows editing of PDF export and Word import/export config files for a project or for specific document types in that project if applicable.

Member publish configurations

Member publish configurations page on the Publisher . It allows any contributor to edit the PDF export and Word import/export config files specific to themselves without affecting the project. Editing can be done via the Edit config link on the Export and Upload pages when in Developer perspective.



A Help link to the relevant developer documentation has also been added at the top right when editing any configuration file.



Publish scripts page

Added a Publish scripts page on the Publisher accessible to administrators via a link on the project Toolbox page. It shows a list of configured and unconfigured publish scripts with links to edit the configuration and create or edit corresponding ANT scripts.


The links in the Status column below have the following meanings:

  • create: The script for this action does not exist. Use this link to create it.
  • not configured: This script exists but is not configured. Use the link to view the script's folder and delete the files if they are no longer required.
  • edit: The script for this action exists. Use this link to edit it. Even though the script build.xml file exists the target may not appear in the file. This can be checked manually by viewing the file.


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