Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.9

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder v5.9.

Schematron improvements

  • Validate action icon at the group level and breadcrumb bar to set the folder to be validated.
  • Validate a folder for a specific PSML document type or metadata for non-PSML media type (see screenshot below).
  • View last validation report generated by current user in current group.
  • In the validation report added a link to each document.
  • Option to export the validation report as CSV file.
  • Validate with the default.sch defined for a document/media type automatically after editing and on upload.
  • Schematron validation on upload can be disabled via the upload developer options or via the validate attribute on the ps:upload ANT task.


Developer improvements

  • Open Document config page developer tools to project managers.
  • Add schema validation for config files.
  • Allow {member} in services to accept email address.
  • Upgrade Lucene, Tika, Poi and index comments with status as comments & tasks.

Markdown support

  • Support datatype="markdown" on PSML properties.
  • Support converting markdown properties to PSML in ps:process ANT task.

Document metadata properties

  • Support metadata properties, workflow status and versioning metadata for any file (metadata can also be used from PSML files).
  • Metadata properties have all the capabilities of PSML properties.
  • They can be edited via the Document properties page (below).



  • They will appear after <fragment-info> in PSML as follows:
<document level="metadata" status="Approved">
    <uri path="/ps/acme/specs/images/diagram.gif"... />
      <property name="caption" value="Specification diagram"/>
      <property name="action" value="Zoom"/>
      <property name="hi-res" datatype="xref">
        <xref uriid="123" ... />


They can be configured at the bottom of the Document config page (below), located under the Dev tab in the Developer perspective, using a file with path template/[project]/documents/[extension]/document-template.psml (e.g. template/acme/documents/gif/document-template.psml ).

The editor can be configured using an editor-config.json with the editor name PSMLMetadataConfig and the same options as the PSML properties editor.


Below is an example document-template.psml file:

<document level="metadata" xmlns:t="http://pageseeder.com/psml/template">
      <property name="caption" title="Caption"   value="" />
      <property name="action"  title="Action"    value="" />
      <property name="hi-res"  title="Hi-res"    datatype="xref" />

Below is the corresponding editor-config.json file (this configuration is optional):

  "PSMLMetadataConfig": {
    "fields": {
      "action" : {
        "type": "checkbox",
        "label": "Action",
        "values": ["None", "Zoom", "Fullscreen"]

Moving fragments

  • Allow fragments to be moved within a document via drag and drop by clicking the move icon at the bottom of the Document view page.
  • Version compare page and 'Structure history' button on Document history page will show how fragments have moved.


  • Don't email passwords.
  • Allow certain groups to edit external URLs server wide.
  • Add support for oauth, open id and binding application keys to members.

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