Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.7

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder v5.7.

Simplified versions

Document versions have been simplified by moving task fields (status, priority, assignedto and duedate) to a separate task called a workflow. The version name can be free text, a number or now a date (e.g. 2014-08-19).

User interface

Task fields have been removed from any version pages in the user interface and the following pages have been modified to handle document workflow tasks.

  • Document Comments Page: Added Workflow section for creating and viewing a workflow (see below).


Clicking the add icon on the right of  'Workflow' displays the screen below.


After clicking 'Submit' the workflow is displayed as shown below and the status of the document will be 'Initiated'.


  • Document Browse Page: Added 'Workflow' option on folders to create workflow steps on all documents under a folder.
  • Search Results Page: Added 'Add Workflow' batch option to create workflow steps on all selected documents in the search results.


Existing document versions will still appear but without task fields. Existing versions with status will now also appear under Workflows.


Modified index to remove psstatuschangeddate, pspriority, psduedate and psassignedto from PS standard and psstatuschangeddate from PSML documents.


Projects using psstatuschangeddate, pspriority, psduedate, psassignedto index fields on documents may need to be updated to use workflows.


Modifed PSML by removing from <version> the attributes @status, @priority, @due and element <assignedto> and adding <author> element. Also removed from <compareto> the attribute @status.


Modified the following services:

  • create-uri-version: Removed parameters status, priority, duedate and assignedto.
  • list-uri-versions: Removed from <version> the attributes @status, @priority, @due and element <assignedto> and added <author> element.

Added the following services:

As workflows are tasks they can also be retrieved using services: list-filter-tasks, list-filter-tasks-public and get-task.

Ant Tasks

Modifed Ant task ps:export by removing <compareto> and <version> element options.


Projects using status, priority, duedate or assignedto on versions in any of the above will need to be updated to use workflows.

New Linux Installer

The pageseeder-standalone/complete-x.sh Linux installer has been replaced with an RPM that can be installed using yum.

The following changes have also been made:

  • installation directory is now /opt/pageseeder
  • PageSeeder runs as the 'pageseeder' user instead of 'root' for better security
  • added support for using reverse proxies such as Nginx which allows PageSeeder to share a single IP with other websites
  • added a maintenance page which can be displayed when PageSeeder is down
  • added heap dump on out of memory to /home/pageseeder directory to diagnose issues
  • added option to create MySQL database (now there's no need to create it manually)
  • removed com.pageseeder.Update servlet which previously had to be accessed to update the database - the database is now updated automatically when PageSeeder starts

Installation Architecture

Below is a diagram of the new installation architecture on Linux. The PageSeeder components should run as the pageseeder user for better security so can only use ports above 1024. Xinetd is used to transfer incoming email from port 25 to port 2525.

The dashed lines show optional components:

  • to use default HTTP (port 80) or SSL (port 443) you need to configure Nginx as a reverse proxy. Nginx has various advantages like displaying a maintenance page if PageSeeder is down and having PageSeeder and Berlioz under different domains on the same IP address.
  • otherwise you can use ports above 1024 (e.g. 8080 and 8099) without Nginx.
  • Jetty and Berlioz are not included in the PageSeeder installer, see Website Engine for more information.


For information on how to upgrade to version 5.7 using the RPM see Upgrading.

PSML Migration Tool

Added PSML Migration page (see below) under the Dev menu in developer perspective which lists all projects and groups on the server not fully migrated to PSML, including unmigrated configuration files. It also provides:

  • links to help with the migration.
  • a new feature to Convert All Documents in a project's groups.


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