Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.6

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder v5.6. For full details of the new features and changes see Release Notes - Version 5.x.

Full support for Universal Format

PageSeeder's next generation of documents will be stored in the new PSML format which is part of the PageSeeder Universal Format. Along with a thorough review and update of the current Standard Format, the Universal Format is accompanied by new libraries that simplify external processing and improve conversion to other formats.


PS Standard XML is now deprecated and it will not be supported in PageSeeder v6 (scheduled for January 2015). Any documents that are still being used should be converted to PSML as soon as possible.

Tools for migration to PSML

There are two main tools for migrating PS Standard XML to the new PSML format.

  • The Dev > Document Types page (in Developer perspective) now shows PS Standard document types at the bottom with a button Covert configuration to PSML. After conversion any project specific types should appear in the top PSML document types section.


  • The Admin > Group Manage page now has an option to Convert To PSML which will convert all the PS Standard XML documents in the group to PSML.


For more details please see Migrating to PSML.

Ant extensions for PSML

The Publish Engine now includes the following Ant extensions for importing and exporting PSML.

New Email API

New Email Templates page (in Developer perspective) which lists all default and custom email templates and allows them to be created, edited and previewed.


New Preview Email page allows the headers, HTML and text content of default and project specific emails to be previewed.


New send-mail service so external applications can send emails via PageSeeder.


Any projects that have customized emails will need to be modified to use the new API as it is NOT backward compatible.

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