Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.4

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder Version 5.4. For full details of the new features and changes see Release notes.

User interface

  • The action icons have been modified to take up less space above the blocks
  • The blocks are now visible when scrolling if they are not too long.
  • The blocks can now be collapsed.


External URL Support

External URL support substantially extends the type of solutions that can be implemented with PageSeeder. This capability allows PageSeeder groups to privately discuss and attach tasks or other data to the content of arbitrary web pages (for example Wikipedia articles).

  • URLs can be created by cutting and pasting the URL to the New URL page.
  • Alternatively the "Add to ..." bookmarlet can be dragged to your browser toolbar and then clicked on to add the URL of the current web page.


  • URLs can be Searched like other objects and labels can be used to organize them.


  • URLs can also be browsed by site or folder.


Performance Improvements

  • The PageSeeder database layer has been upgraded to use DataNucleus and many queries have been optimized for faster user interface response times.
  • Document caching has been added to speed up document display, indexing, exporting and publishing.

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