Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.3

Below are some of the new features in PageSeeder Version 5.3. For full details of the new features and changes see Release notes.

Universal Format - Upload

Added to Upload Documents page support for uploading the PageSeeder Universal format including portable PSML with a META-INF folder.

  • The META-INF folder allows uploading titles, descriptions, labels and DocIDs for folders and non-PSML documents.

Until the Universal Format is fully implemented, the Upload process is actually converting PSML to the PageSeeder Standard Format XML. Because of this PSML has the following constraints:

  • <section> element must have an @id attribute.
  • <fragment> element must have an @id attribute with the same value as the parent section or have the format [section id].1xx1 where xx is a two digit number.

Universal Format - Export

Documents and folders can now be exported as Universal Format including PSML from an Export screen as shown below. For more information on the options see Task export .


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