Over view of new features for every version

Version 5.2

Below are some new features in PageSeeder Version 5.2. For full details of the new features and changes see Release notes.

Universal Format - Export/Processing

A universal format for Export/Processing of PageSeeder documents including PSML which will replace format standard documents.


The universal format has not been finalized yet and may be subject to change.

For more information see:

  • Universal format
  • Task export
  • Task process
  • Task config

New Logging Framework

Added new logging framework including:

  • Easier to read and more efficient log format.
  • New Access Logs and Recent Logs (previously tomcat logs) available from psadmin-console page.
  • Support for the following new global properties:
    • logsFolder: Absolute folder path for log files. If not set the pageseeder/webapp/WEB-INF/logs folder is used.
    • logsAccessLevel: (default INFO)
      DEBUG and INFO will log all accesses.
      WARN will only log errors with HTTP status code >= 400.
      ERROR will only log errors with HTTP status code >= 500.
      OFF will turn access logs off completely
    • logsAccessHistory: Positive integer corresponding to the number of days the access log history is kept (default 7)

Enable SSL Installer Option

  • Added support for Enable SSL in PageSeeder Windows and Linux installers.
  • Added an Update icon next to each host on the Admin > Hosts page which can be used to update the schema and port to SSL for existing documents.
  • Also added support for the following global property:
    • redirectPorts: Comma separated list of TCP ports which will be redirected to webSitePort in template.properties (e.g. 80,8080)

For more information see Configuring SSL.

Discussion Web Services

Added web services for simple discussion forum functionality including: get discussions, get a discussion, reply to a comment, reply to a comment (members), create a new commentcreate a new comment (members) - where a discussion is equivalent to a thread and each forum is a PageSeeder group.

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