Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

edit member

/members/{member}/edit [POST]


This service is deprecated since version 5.7900


Edit a member.

Deprecation warning!

This service is now deprecated, use /members/{member} [PATCH] instead.

Member details

Both the firstname and surname are limited to 50 characters.

The member-username must be less than 100 characters, unique and cannot contain a '@'. The username is required unless the email address is specified.

The email must be less than 100 characters, unique and be a valid Email address. The email address is required unless a username is specified.

The member details are only modified if they are specified in the request.

Password details

The member-password must be less than 100 characters. When the Password is not specified, the member's email will be used if no confirmation is needed otherwise, a new password will be generated.

Passwords must satisfy a given strength check to be accepted:

  • Regular members must have at least a MEDIUM strength.
  • Administrators must use a STRONG password.

Users MUST include their current password using current-password in order to be able to change their password.

By default, an email is sent to the user when their password is changed, to override this behavior, set the password-email to "true".


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
current-passwordThe member's current password (required if a member-password or significant-date is specified unless admin)maybestring
emailThe member's emailnostring
email-attachmentsSet to "true" to send documents as email attachments instead of linksnoboolean
firstnameThe member's first namenostring
force-email-changeSet to "true" to change the email address without notification (admin only)nobooleanfalse
member-passwordThe member's new passwordnostring
member-usernameThe member's username, defaults to the member's emailnostring
on-vacationSet to "true" to stop notifications to this membernoboolean
password-emailSet to "false" to change the password without notification (admin only)nobooleantrue
surnameThe member's last namenostring


This service can only be invoked by the user herself or an Administrator .

Only administrators can change a password without having to submit the current password.


<member-modification [email-change-confirm-sent-to="[new email]"]>
   <member id="[member id]"
    firstname="[first name]"
      <fullname>[full name]</fullname>

Error Handling

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