Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

create uri xref

/members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/xrefs [POST]


This service is deprecated since version 5.9400


Deprecation warning!

This service is deprecated, use Service: /members/{member}/groups/{group}/uris/{uri}/metadata [PUT] instead and add xref to a <property datatype="xref">.

Create a new XRef.

Adds an XRef from the current URI to a target URI specified by the parameter targeturi. The XRef will link the two URIs at their fragment named "default". The XML output follows the PSML standard.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
targeturi The target uri id yes long
display The display type, allowed values are 'manual', 'document', 'document+fragment', 'document+manual' no enum document
labels Comma-separated list of labels no string
title The title of the xref no string


Undocumented permissions requirements.


            <xref id="123"
    uriid="[target uriid]"

Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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