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How to use PageSeeder's Web service API

autosuggest group

/groups/{group}/autosuggest [GET]



This service returns the list of result suggestions from a prefix match on a set of fields.


NameDescriptionRequiredTypeDefault value
termThe prefix for the terms to use for the AutoSuggestyesstring
fieldsA comma-separated list of fields to search innostringspstitle,psfilename,psdocid,psid
filtersA comma-separated list of field:term pairs to use as filtersnostrings
resultsThe maximum number of results to returnnointeger10


Although the term parameter isn't strictly required, failing to specify a term will always return an empty result set.


Undocumented permissions requirements.


Example XML output:

<autosuggest term="lorem">
  <query empty="false" predicate="...">
        <term field="pstitle" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psfilename" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psdocid" text="lorem"/>
        <term field="psid" text="lorem"/>
  <results page="1" page-size="10" total-pages="1" total-results="2" first-result="1" last-result="2">
    <result score="1.6665791">
      <field name="psid">4482</field>
      <field name="pstitle">lorem_ipsum.psml</field>
    <result score="1.6665700">
      <field name="psid">4400</field>
      <field name="pstitle">lorem.psml</field>





Error Handling

No specific errors expected for this service.

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