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This element is a container for the sharing information about a URI (document or external URL). It contains one or more <share> elements, one for each group the URI is shared with.

For a more detailed discussion on this share documents, see document sharing.


URI sharing information is usually available when there is a context member: the groups listed are the ones the member has access to and the hidden attribute specifies the number of groups the URI is shared with that the user cannot see.

Usage context

Permitted content<share>
Permitted parent<uri>, <groupfolder>


This element includes the following attributes

statusenumyesWhether the URI is "shared" or "private".
hiddenxs:positiveIntegernoThe number of groups the URI is shared with but that are not visible to the current member
publicxs:booleannoWhether the URI is visible to public.


This attribute's value shows whether the URI is "shared" to other groups or "private" to a single group. The value is one of the following:

  • "shared"
  • "private"


This attribute's value is the number of groups that the URI is shared with but that the member cannot see.


Flag whether public has access to the URI, this optional attribute's default value is false.


<sharing status="private">
  <share default="true" editable="true" addcomments="true" shareedits="true" sharexrefs="true">
    <group id="56" name="app-testing" description="App testing group" owner="app" access="member" common="false"/>
<sharing status="shared" hidden="1" public="true">
  <share default="true" editable="true" addcomments="true" shareedits="false" sharexrefs="true">
    <group id="12" name="dev-group1" description="Dev group 1" owner="dev" access="member" common="false"/>
  <share editable="false" addcomments="true" shareedits="false" sharexrefs="true">
    <group id="82" name="dev-group2" description="Dev group 2" owner="dev" access="member" common="false" relatedurl="http://dev.example.org/home.html"/>


XML Schema

<xs:element name="sharing">
     <xs:element name="share" type="share" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
  <xs:attribute name="status" use="required">
      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
        <xs:enumeration value="private" />
        <xs:enumeration value="shared" />
  <xs:attribute name="hidden"        type="xs:positiveInteger" />
  <xs:attribute name="public"        type="boolean"       fixed="true"/>


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