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How to use PageSeeder's Web service API



The author of a comment, draft, edit or event which might or might not be a PageSeeder member.

There are two possible models for the author element:

  • If the author is a PageSeeder member, the model inherits from the basic representation of a member.
  • If the author is not a PageSeeder member, the email address and/or full name of the person is included.

Usage context

Permitted content<fullname>
Permitted parent<comment> <draft> <edit> <event>


This element inherits the following attributes from the <member> element.

attachmentsbooleannoIf the user receives email attachments.
emailemailnoThe email address of the member.
externalidxs:stringnoAn external identifier for the member.
firstnamexs:stringif memberThe first name of the member.
idxs:longif memberThe ID of the member in PageSeeder.
lockedbooleannoIf the member account is locked.
onvacationbooleannoIf the member email option is set to 'on vacation'.
statusenumif memberThe current status of the member.
surnamexs:stringif memberThe surname of the member.
usernamexs:stringif memberThe username of the member.
The attributes are only inherited from the member if the author is a member. When parsing <author> elements, it can be safely assumed that if the @id attribute is present then the @firstname, @surname, @username and @status also are.



XML Schema

See XML Schema for element <member> for a complete definition.

<xs:element name="author" type="author"/>

<xs:complexType name="author">
    <xs:element name="fullname" type="xs:string" minOccurs="0"/>
  <xs:attribute name="attachments" type="xs:boolean"/>
  <xs:attribute name="email"       type="member-email"/>
  <xs:attribute name="externalid"  type="member-externalid"/>
  <xs:attribute name="firstname"   type="member-name"/>
  <xs:attribute name="id"          type="id"/>
  <xs:attribute name="locked"      type="xs:boolean"/>
  <xs:attribute name="onvacation"  type="xs:boolean"/>
  <xs:attribute name="status"      type="member-status"/>
  <xs:attribute name="surname"     type="member-name"/>
  <xs:attribute name="username"    type="member-username"/>

Relax Schema

element member {
   attribute activated   { xs:dateTime }?,
   attribute attachments { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute created     { xs:dateTime }?,
   attribute email       { text { maxLength = "100"} }?,
   attribute externalid  { text { maxLength = "100"} }?,
   attribute firstname   { text { maxLength = "50"}}?,
   attribute id          { xs:long }?,
   attribute locked      { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute onvacation  { xs:boolean }?,
   attribute status      { "activated" | "set-password" | "unactivated" }?,
   attribute surname     { text { maxLength = "50"}}?,
   attribute username    { text { maxLength = "100"}}?,
   element fullname { text }?


No change since initial API release.

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