Web service API

How to use PageSeeder's Web service API


Asynchronous process

When there is a lot of data to process some services will not return the results directly but will start an asynchronous process (or thread). The thread will write results to a log which can be accessed later.


When a service starts a thread it will return a HTTP code 202 Accepted instead of 200 OK.

XML returned

When a thread is started the service output will include the following thread XML:

    id="[thread id]"
    name="[thread name]"
    username="[username of user starting thread]"
    groupid="[ID of group if applicable or -1]"
      [<message>[explanation or error]<message>]
      [thread specific XML]

For example:

    name="Moving thread for group test-local5"
      <message>Finding URIs<message>

Thread services

Various services can be used to:

  • list current threads
  • check a thread's progress
  • get a thread's logs
  • cancel a thread

See the Thread category under Services for more details.


Services that have a group in their URL are generally used by group contributors or managers while the others are used by system administrators.

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