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PageSeeder Markup Language (PSML)


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PageSeeder Markup Language (commonly referred to as PSML) is the XML format that PageSeeder uses to represent documents and their content. Because PageSeeder is designed to support arbitrary document structures, the language focuses on providing developers with familiar structural components. As a specialization of HTML, PSML recognizes that many of the objects designed for web pages, such as lists, images and tables, are a legitimate foundation for more sophisticated structures.

Leveraging HTML instead of writing another document model in XML is this. Managing the numbering for headings, paragraphs, lists, captions and cross references across a publication built from hundreds of files is beyond what HTML and CSS were designed for. However, as technology for formatting individual files, they are completely adequate and extremely well supported. On the other hand, XSLT is very good at processing tens of thousands of XPaths, and managing when to persist or when to restart numbering streams, for example.

It is this combination of XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS and Javascript that makes PSML rich enough to represent almost any class of document structure and still be edited, searched or published by an unmodified PageSeeder server. 

Some PSML objects, such as labels, have descended from the widely understood HTML concepts of Div and Span. Others, particularlyPSML cross references, have evolved from other areas such the semantic web, the XLink standard and the classic hypertext concepts of Tel Nelson and Douglas Englebart

PageSeeder has built-in support for formatting PSML as PDF or docx.

Data types

For an overview of the many data types that contribute to PageSeeder.

Universal format

The universal format is a combination of conventions, file organisation and packaging that allows an entire collection of linked PSML files to be safely moved from one server to another.

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